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福岡県太宰府市での個展のご案内です。プレイベントとして「写光石ワークショップ」をギャラリー近くの石穴稲荷神社にて初開催。各々が境内で採取した光(=写真)を素材にオリジナルの「写光石」を制作、当日そのままお持ち帰りいただけます。お近くへお出かけの際はぜひお立ち寄りください。 塩井一孝 個展『写光石と光の記憶』 期間:10月13日(木)- 16日(日) 時間:11:00 - 16:00(会期中無休/入場無料) 場所:IWASI labo(イワシラボ) 住所:福岡県太宰府市五条4-11-15 新崎アパート 107号室(西鉄五条駅より徒歩5分/近隣の有料駐車場をご利用ください) 電話:090-9498-5956 イベント:「写光石ワークショップ in 石穴稲荷神社」 期日:10月12日(水)

時間:10:00 - 13:00


参加費:6000円(定員10名 / 事前予約制)


※ イベント詳細・ご予約は IWASI labo 公式インスタグラムをご確認ください。 在廊日: 10/15(土) 13:00-16:00 10/16(日) 13:00-16:00


IWASI labo

I am pleased to announce my solo exhibition in Dazaifu City, Fukuoka Prefecture. As a pre-event, "SHA-KO-SEKI Workshop" will be held for the first time at Ishiana Inari Shrine near the gallery. Each participant will create an original "SHA-KO-SEKI" using light (=photographs) collected in the shrine precincts, and will be able to take it home with them. I look forward to seeing you there. Kazutaka Shioi Solo Exhibition "SHA-KO-SEKI and Light Memories" Period: October 13 (Thu) - 16 (Sun) Time: 11:00 - 16:00 (open throughout the exhibition period / free admission) Place: IWASI labo Address: Room 107, Shinzaki Apartment, 4-11-15 Gojo, Dazaifu-shi, Fukuoka (5 min. walk from Nishitetsu Gojo Station / please use a nearby toll parking lot) Phone: 090-9498-5956 Event: "SHA-KO-SEKI Workshop in Ishiana Inari Shrine" Date: October 12 (Wed) Please check IWASI labo's official Instagram for event details and reservations. Date of presence: 10/15 (Sat) 13:00-16:00 10/16(Sun) 13:00-16:00

This is an exhibition and order-taking consultation for "SHA-KO-SEKI: light reflecting stone," a three-dimensional work by Kazutaka Shioi, an artist who pursues the way of light through nature. Light (=photography) is captured in stone. It is a way of preserving beautiful memories that brings the everyday into the world of the extraordinary. We hope you will enjoy holding in your hands this work of art that will become a piece of your precious memories.

IWASI labo


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