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Iron Sculpture

I have been creating works based on the theme of expressing "the nature within me. The "nature within me" refers to the colors and shapes that vaguely come to my mind when I see natural landscapes such as mountains and the sea, or natural objects such as stones and trees. And since his encounter with iron, a primitive material with a strong sense of existence, while he was a university student, he has used it as one of the important materials for his works.

The process of placing iron rods and plates in a coke oven, heating them to nearly 1,200 degrees Celsius, beating them, welding them, and creating a single object is dangerous and requires a great deal of work, but the sight of iron melting yellow with sparks is round, beautiful, and mysterious, and I am always fascinated by it. The colors and shapes of "nature within me," which until then had been vague in my mind, are embodied in the world for the first time when they are replaced by the presence of iron. Through this aesthetic experience of creating artwork, I feel a strong sense that I am alive.

Ultimately, I want these works to function aesthetically in our living spaces. This is because I believe that the experience of beauty, surprise, and emotion is a necessary event that keeps us motivated to live. We are thinking about how our works should gently accompany people's daily lives and brighten up their everyday lives.

Winter 2016





2016年 冬

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