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写光石ワークショップ / 宝満宮 竈門神社



I mainly offer workshops for making SHA-KO-SEKI stones. SHA-KO-SEKI is an object of light in which Kazutaka Shioi fixes the "light of memory" from photographs of landscapes taken by people onto a stone. In this workshop, participants will bring their memorable photos and create their own original SHA-KO-SEKI stones with their own hands.


Past Workshops

2023 - SHA-KO-SEKI Workshop / Mizoe Art Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan - SHA-KO-SEKI Workshop / Kamado Shrine, Fukuoka, Japan 2022 - SHA-KO-SEKI Workshop / Ajisaka Nursery School, Fukuoka, Japan - SHA-KO-SEKI Workshop / BUNKO, Fukuoka, Japan - SHA-KO-SEKI Workshop / Ishiana-inari Shrine, Fukuoka, Japan

2023 - 写光石ワークショップ / みぞえ画廊(福岡) - 写光石ワークショップ / 竈門神社(福岡) 2022 - 写光石ワークショップ / 味坂保育園(福岡) - 写光石ワークショップ / BUNKO(福岡) - 写光石ワークショップ / 石穴稲荷神社(福岡)

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