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SHA-KO-SEKI: light reflecting stone

To hold on to the light of memories,

I don't want to forget.


I took these photos to remember the emotions that touched my heart. Before they are overwritten by our busy lives and fall asleep in our camera rolls, never to be looked back at again.
SHA-KO-SEKI (light reflecting stone) is a bespoke object in which artist Kazutaka Shioi fixes the "light of memory" of a landscape photo taken by a person onto a stone. The works are archived on the web, along with the photos and episodes, and can be purchased by anyone. In other words, this is a participatory project in which those who order a piece of artwork can share their collaboration with the artist with the world.
This not only serves as a talisman to hold on to the "light of memory" of oneself. It also has the potential to connect with people around the world. I dream of a future where a bright and friendly community that transcends time and space is created through the SHA-KO-SEKI.






「写光石」とは、人が撮影した風景写真、その“記憶の光” を、アーティストの塩井一孝が石に定着させる、オーダーメイドのオブジェです。また作品は、写真・エピソードとともにウェブ上にアーカイブされ、誰もが自由に購入可能。つまり作品をオーダーした人にとっては、作家とのコラボアートが世の中にシェアされる参加型のプロジェクトでもあるのです。


これによって、自分自身の“記憶の光” を握りしめられる、お守りになるだけでなく。世界中の人と繋がる可能性も秘めている。写光石を通じ、時空を超えた、明るくやさしいコミュニティがつくられていく、そんな未来を夢見ています。

写光石 / SHA-KO-SEKI: light reflecting stone