塩井 一孝|Kazutaka SHIOI

造形作家。1987年 宮崎県生まれ、福岡県在住。2005年 福岡教育大学卒業、2011年 同大学大学院修了。現在、北九州の鉄工所に勤務し、金属全般のクラフトワークや工業製品の製造に従事している。



Kazutaka Shioi is a visual artist. He was born in Miyazaki in 1987 and currently lives in Fukuoka, Japan. He graduated from Fukuoka University of Education in 2005 and received MA in 2011. At his work at an iron factory in Kitakyushu, Shioi works on metal-based crafts and industrial product design.


Shioi started his career as an iron sculptor at the university and has developed his sculpture style using natural materials like stones, trees, and washi Japanese papers. His work is an attempt to give a form to an essentially invisible elements in nature. In recent years, he has developed a series of product using photography as a light-capturing tool based on the idea that light is the most fundamental element of all natural objects. He has done installations and designed products by applying washi paper with the printed image of light from various places in Japan on stones, metals, and glasses.


He has held solo exhibitions in Fukuoka, Japan and has participated in several international exhibitions in Germany, China, South Korea, and Taiwan.
















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